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Hand-made in Italy using vegan leather (from apple waste) and recycled materials. Made to last a lifetime. It doesn't get better than this.
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- Vegan cruelty-free and water-repellent leather made 100% with appleskin 
- Natural fabric and appleskin lining
- Recycled PET laces
- Extractable insole, H. 12 mm, lined with natural fabric

Vegan leather

Our sneakers are made with appleskin, a biosourcée material, eco-friendly and 100% vegan.
It is produced from apple waste, grown for the food industry, in the region of Bolzano in northern Italy.

Who Made It

Hand-made in Puglia, Italy.

What they say

"Made-to-order high quality sustainable fashion"

"Sustainably made with vegan leather and recycled materials"

"Really sustainable sneaker with low environmental impact


Free delivery & returns.
These sneakers are made-to-order to avoid creating unsold inventory that ends up thrown away and to be able to price them fairly.

Sustainable materials

Vegan leather

Ethically made


Good for everyone


We're cautious of our fabrics selection and use only the best organic/recycled materials.


Every item is made in European factories that pay ethical wages and offer fair working conditions to its employees 

Made to last

Our made-to-order approach ensures that every item is carefully made to last, so you can wear it now and a decade from now.

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