The Perfect Straight Jeans (Woman)
The Perfect Straight Jeans (Woman)
The Perfect Straight Jeans (Woman)
The Perfect Straight Jeans (Woman)
The Perfect Straight Jeans (Woman)
The Perfect Straight Jeans (Woman)

The Perfect Straight Jeans (Woman)

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Made-to-measure jeans made with certified organic cotton in an atelier in Bristol (United Kingdom). Made to look great on you.


This jeans are made-to-measure. To create your custom size you'll simply have to respond to a 3min questionnaire after your purchase..


- 99% Certified Organic Cotton, 1% Elastane

Who Made It

Made in a small atelier in Bristol, United Kingdom, that pays fair wages and offers ethical working conditions to its employees, following the country regulations.

What they say

"Made-to-order high quality sustainable fashion"

"Sustainably made with vegan leather and recycled materials"

"Really sustainable sneaker with low environmental impact


Free delivery & returns.
These jeans are made-to-order to avoid creating unsold inventory that ends up thrown away and to be able to price them fairly.  
Delivery is around 4 weeks after purchase.

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We combine technology and a made-to-order approach to create every item with your own custom size.

We make our products with meaningful transparency and thoughtful design.

Our philosophy

Sustainable long-lasting materials. Ethical factories. Timeless design. Custom sizing.

How it works?

Place an order

Choose your desired item and place an order

Build your size

Once your order has been placed you'll receive a questionnaire to help us create your custom size. It's very easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

Produce & deliver

Once we have your exact measures, we will start producing and will ship it to you.

What we believe

Sustainability = organic & durable materials + ethical factories + timeless design + perfect fit

You shouldn’t have to choose between style and sustainability.